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CanMEDS 2025 - Help shape medical education and practice in Canada

Recognizing your expertise and diversity

As part of the CanMEDS 2025 framework development process, we are committed to incorporating  a diversity of perspectives, backgrounds, expertise and leadership.  One way of achieving this goal is to promote diversity in the membership of the Expert Working Groups (EWGs) and ePanel(s).  The following expression of interest form enables interested individuals in the health care professions to put their name forward.  Everyone who indicates interest will be invited to participate on either an EWG or ePanel based on their preferences and availability.

In addition to professional information, the expression of interest form asks for some personal information related to lived experience(s) that will be used to create a diversity profile for the combined membership of each EWG/ ePanel. This personal information is collected for the sole purpose of participating in the development of CanMEDS 2025. This information will be kept confidential and is only accessible to the CanMEDS Secretariat staff and Selection Committee for the purposes of reviewing the expressions of interest. Expressions of interest will be kept on file until the completion and launch of CanMEDS 2025, with limited and reasonable access. Aggregate expert working group and ePanel information will be shared to outline the diversity and inclusivity of the contributors to CanMEDS 2025, no personal information will be shared. To learn more about our Privacy Policy, click here.

Please respond to only those questions that you feel comfortable answering. Your participation in this process is completely voluntary. If you choose to proceed please click 'next'.  If not, we thank you for your time and invite you to share your feedback on this process via the CanMEDS 2025 Secretariat at